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Remote communication with distant live videocall tiny person collection set. Chat messages, talking, conversation or virtual meeting items with mini scenes vector illustration. Web call using tech.
+136 per week
2056379303, 866 pos.  
Circular economy manufacturing cycle, sustainable strategy tiny person concept. Optimal reuse of the resources and reduced waste management. Environmental friendly industrial loop for high efficiency.
0 per week
2087797840, 1079 pos.  
Employee retention or labor motivation to stay in work tiny person concept. Staff loyalty, workforce protection and human resources care vector illustration. Keeping high satisfaction for hired people
0 per week
1913769670, 1204 pos.  
Aspiration and determination as growth and goal reaching tiny person concept. Motivation to push business forward with effort and ambition vector illustration. Leader work development and improvement.
0 per week
2080818934, 1743 pos.  
Customer journey experience with purchase steps and path tiny person concept. Consumer shopping cycle from media to seller vector illustration. Client behavior process curve as decision to buy product
+321 per week
1934301269, 1831 pos.  
Objective for business as successful target aim results tiny person concept. Company goal achievement after precise, efficient and planned work strategy vector illustration. Profit growth progress.
0 per week
1913879416, 1930 pos.  
Solving problem and difficult work teamwork assemble tiny persons concept. Effective business solution strategy and complex task cooperation as successful performance process vector illustration.
+182 per week
1999004297, 2103 pos.  
Picking ideas and best option selection as creative work tiny person concept. Choice after innovative brainstorming and solution finding in symbolic lightbulb group vector illustration. Final decision
0 per week
1963605175, 2171 pos.  
Work operations and teamwork productivity with control tiny person concept. Business project workflow as gear cogwheel mechanism vector illustration. Process automation with effective monitoring.
0 per week
2088192418, 2227 pos.  
Mentorship or advice from mentor for personal development tiny person concept. Skills growth using guidance and coaching to implement idea in employee head vector illustration. Inspire and motivate.
0 per week
1991741360, 2278 pos.  
Self growth and personal development progress stages tiny person concept. Reaching for career goals and success vector illustration. Ambition ladders and potential accomplishment vision for future.
0 per week
2071587800, 2403 pos.  
Council meeting and CEO head discussion and brainstorm tiny person concept. Headquarters leaders conversation about company future vector illustration. Business leaders talking in round table room.
+94 per week


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