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Four women of different nationalities and cultures standing together. Women's friendship, union of feminists or sisterhood. The concept of the female's empowerment movement.
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Young African American woman with black curly hair in the yellow hat with a wide brim covering her face. Black strong girl on yellow background, front view. Vector illustration
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1505420444, 866 pos.  
A sad woman with flowing hair runs away from the problems in her life. The depressed teenager withdrew into himself, hugging his elbows. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style
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565460449, 1724 pos.  
horizontal stack of colored books in isometric.education infographic template design with books pile.Set of book icons in flat design style.vector illustration of isolated layers in the background.
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1980388196, 1766 pos.  
Woman makes Breathing exercise. Girl sits on the floor in pose lotus and makes a exhale. Recovery Respiratory system after illness. Health and wellbeing concept.
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1585765663, 1904 pos.  
Back view of two strong women supporting each other. Friends hug and look each other in the face. The concept of friendship, care and love. Vector flat illustration
0 per week
1917101735, 2185 pos.  
Happy woman with flying rainbow color hair. Smiled girl creates a good vibe around her. Smiling female character enjoys her freedom and life. Body positive and health care concept
0 per week
1530175796, 2331 pos.  
Young man comforting her crying best friend. Depressed woman covering face with hands and her husband consoling and care about her. Help and support concept. Hand drawn style vector illustration
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1481722832, 2830 pos.  
Human hand helps a sad lonely woman to get rid of depression. A young unhappy girl sits and hugs her knees. The concept of support and care for people under stress. Vector illustration in flat style
0 per week
2052143927, 2852 pos.  
Black businesswoman shows ok sign completing the project. Successful African female entrepreneur satisfied with the result of her work. Vector illustration
0 per week
1535122226, 3532 pos.  
Happy woman holds the green planet Earth. Vector illustration of Earth day and saving planet. Environment conservation and energy saving concept.
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Depressed woman holds an open umbrella, which does not save her from the rain. Sad girl is in a stressful state. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style
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