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Distant learning and education concept. Woman in glasses cartoon character sitting and reading books studying learning and self educating vector illustration
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1932859046, 1409 pos.  
Celebrating International friendship day concept. Group of young positive people doing high five together, young generation celebrating social event holiday vector illustration
0 per week
2056971431, 2450 pos.  
Love, human and robotic concept. Human and robot hands holding red heart together as symbol of love care and tenderness vector illustration
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2103492890, 2818 pos.  
Smiling African American woman doctor with diverse nurses help patients in hospital. Happy ethnic female GP and medical workers with medical cards or journals. Healthcare. Vector illustration.
0 per week
2100854764, 3228 pos.  
Close up huge hands hold woman victim give help or first aid. Person keep in arms unhappy stressed female suffering from depression or mental problem. Support and comfort. Vector illustration.
0 per week
2100790153, 3924 pos.  
Hand with woman and heart shape. Concept of support and kindness in community. Female volunteer share empathy and hope with needy. Help and compassion in life. Flat vector illustration.
0 per week
2076262024, 4301 pos.  
Close up of person hold smartphone talk speak on video call with doctor. Woman have webcam consultation on cellphone with therapist or GP. Internet communication. Flat vector illustration.
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1920181349, 4908 pos.  
Online doctor, telemedicine, Virtual healthcare concept. Hand of doctor with stethoscope protruding from laptop screen to examine remote patient and make online consultation illustration
0 per week
2100803380, 5022 pos.  
Unhappy young woman feel lonely abandoned in crowd suffer from communication lack. Upset girl struggle with depression or mental disorder. Psychological problem. Flat vector illustration.
+441 per week
2064717647, 5656 pos.  
Coffee beans and Energy concept. Young smiling man cartoon character barista walking holding huge coffee beans in cup vector illustration
+1510 per week
2188099539, 5711 pos.  
Smiling male athlete kick football ball on field. Happy motivated sportsman engaged in game or match. Sport career. Vector illustration.
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2064690626, 6681 pos.  
Freedom and good news concept. Human hands releasing white dove pigeon with green leaves plant in beak over blue air background vector illustration
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