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1675683823, 1493 pos.  
The impact of coronavirus on the stock exchange and the global economy. Covid-19 virus hits market. Shares fall down. Markets plunging. Economic fallout. Vector background Coronavirus and market
0 per week
1751381474, 2399 pos.  
Internet banking app. Mobile phone payment with NFC technology and High level payment security. Wireless cash transaction technology and money storage. Wallet with cards UI App and E-payment. Vector
0 per week
1937378800, 2845 pos.  
Document manager - Mobile Phone App for business. Signing a contract or agreement online. Digital signature concept using a pen on a phone or tablet display. E-signature and high level of protection
0 per week
1627632577, 3204 pos.  
Hologram of coronavirus  COVID-2019 on a blue futuristic background. Deadly type of virus 2019-nCoV. 3D models of coronavirus bacteria. Vectonic illustration in HUD style
0 per week
1921678619, 3513 pos.  
Fantastic Circle portals, holograms teleport gadgets. Sci-fi digital hi-tech elements for presentation GUI, VR, games or your product. HUD projector, magic portal, circle teleport podium. Vector
0 per week
1728717190, 4990 pos.  
Paint compositions, grunge with frame, texting boxes. Dirty design elements, quote box speech template. Black splashes isolated on white background. Vector street art template set
0 per week
1784829161, 6592 pos.  
Modern universal futuristic shapes, HUD, GUI, Sky-fi with glitch effects. Cyberpunk retrofuturism concept. Vaporwave digital abstract elements for web banners, poster design and UI, UX, KIT.
0 per week
1842193036, 7628 pos.  
Trendy universal shapes with glitch, defect, liquid effects. Retrofuturism and vaporwave digital shapes, spheres, tech cyberpunk, HUD, defect design and other. Universal trendy elements. Glitch Vector
0 per week
1789813196, 8094 pos.  
Retrofuturistic universal trendy shapes with glitch and defect effects. Trendy cyberpunk elements. Vaporwave abstract liquid shapes for flyers, posters, covers, t-shirt, merch. Vector memphis
0 per week
1931222339, 8160 pos.  
Dashboard Application on laptop with business analytics data, charts and graphics on perspective laptop. Web banner, concept statistics graphs, investment, trade and finance management. Vector
0 per week
1860857791, 8199 pos.  
Glitch universal trendy shapes collection in Retrofuturism style. Abstract objects and forms with glitch - liquid and defect effect. Trendy bag shapes cyberpunk, Vaporwave memphis. Vector elements set
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Coefficient of average popularity of the vectors in the portfolio.
Mathematically, it is a portfolio rank divided by the total number of the portfolio’s vectors.
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