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Coronavirus vaccine COVID-19. Vaccine and vaccination against coronavirus, COVID-19, virus, flu. Hands in blue gloves of doctor, nurse, scientist hold an ampoule, syringe. Horizontal banner. Vector
+35 per week
1654818799, 3528 pos.  
Coronavirus Prevention. Coronavirus icon set for infographic or website. New epidemic (2019-nCoV). Safety, health, remedies and prevention of viral diseases. Isolation. Vector illustration
-227 per week
1826877476, 4207 pos.  
Doctor hands with syringe and ampoule with vaccine or medicine. Doctor hands making an injection. Vaccination and immunization concept. Preventive medicine, treatment. Colorful set. Isolated. Vector
+1198 per week
1577177686, 47952 pos.  
Rope. Set of various decorative rope elements. Frames, laces, knots and decorations. Nautical rope, shoe lacing, decorative binding of paper and fabric. Black silhouette. Isolation. Vector
0 per week
1214024011, 94988 pos.  
Christmas and New year background with Christmas tree, caramel, man cookies and house. Seamless pattern. Packaging design, wrapping paper, Wallpaper, poster. In isolation. Vector illustration
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