598477, год начала 2010
195-е место
рейтинг 92   (-0.42 за день)
векторов 1590 (+18 за 4 нед.)
в топе 88 — 6%

92.2 | выше на 0.15
91.8 | ниже на 0.26


1099813004, 2479-я  
Man kicking down and destroying door one by one. Vector illustration depicts eliminating barrier of entries, roadblocks, overcome challenges, and destroying obstacles with power and brute force.
+76 за неделю
1104506336, 4834-я  
Businessman flying in a time machine going to the future or past. Vector artwork depicts time machine, back to the past, changing history and finding out about the future.
-609 за неделю
1099634786, 5695-я  
Female life cycle and aging process. Girl or woman growing up from baby to old age.
-353 за неделю
1104506348, 5922-я  
Successfully hitting the target. Man hitting the bullseye thrice with bow and arrow. Vector artwork depicts success, hat trick, accuracy, on target, achievement, perfection, and accomplishment.
+1944 за неделю
1099812998, 6240-я  
Blind men touching an elephant. Vector artwork illustration depicts the concept of perception, ideas, viewpoint, impression, and opinions of different people in different standpoints.
+90 за неделю
1059574301, 7175-я  
Family outdoor recreational activities. Stick figure pictogram depicts family in the park, riding bicycle together, playing at playground, hiking, outdoor bbq picnic, and enjoying themselves at beach.
-420 за неделю
786168331, 9340-я  
Mentor guidance coach for business executive. The company business training are mentoring, personal guidance, online teaching, one to one coaching, counselor, motivation, group discussion and seminar.
-659 за неделю
1124202563, 11071-я  
Different type of gamers. Stick figure icons depict all kind of gamers that include hardcore, pro gamer, female, casual, kid, elderly, cheater, VR, arcade, console, and smartphone.
-48 за неделю
1038876343, 12087-я  
Stick Figures of a Person Pointing Finger. A set of stick figures showing a man pointing in different directions on different poses and positions.
-939 за неделю
1013303689, 12519-я  
Schizophrenia Chronic Brain Disorder Icons. Pictograms showing signs, symptoms, and treatment of schizophrenia brain disorder disease.
-1030 за неделю
1038891391, 12614-я  
Mattress Dimensions and Bed Sizes. Pictograms depict icons of people sleeping on different bed sizes that include dimension measurements for crib, twin, XL, full, double, queen, and king size bed.
-1296 за неделю
1042376602, 16158-я  
Home Improvement and House Renovation Icons. Pictogram depicts workers and specialists renovating, upgrading, and repairing building.
-1226 за неделю


Сумма рейтингов всех векторов портфеля, находящихся в топе.
Сейчас: 92


За день: -0.42
За неделю: +0.1
За 30 дней: -4.01

Общее количество векторов

Обновляется два раза в неделю, т.е. могут быть небольшие отставания.
Сейчас: 1590


За неделю: +4
За 30 дней: +18

Количество векторов в топе

Сейчас: 88


За день: +3
За неделю: +6
За 30 дней: +2


Коэффициент средней популярности вектора в портфеле.
Математически это рейтинг портфеля, деленный на общее количество векторов в портфеле.
Сейчас: 0.06


За день: -0.4%
За неделю: -0.1%
За 30 дней: -5.3%