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786168331, 3454-я  
Mentor guidance coach for business executive. The company business training are mentoring, personal guidance, online teaching, one to one coaching, counselor, motivation, group discussion and seminar.
+2195 за неделю
730470619, 5123-я  
Crime and Criminal. Pictogram depicts various criminal activities that include robber, kidnappers, thief, bank heist, assault, murder, arson, and extortion.
+32 за неделю
657883912, 5159-я  
Celebration Poses and Gestures. Artwork depicts people celebrating in various styles such as dabbing, fist pump, chest bump, raising hand, high five, throwing person in the air, and group celebration.
-454 за неделю
716973469, 5169-я  
Failing to hit the target. Man desperately trying to shoot arrows with bow to hit the bullseye but failed miserably. Vector artwork depicts failure, inaccurate, missing, and lousy.
-289 за неделю
786108157, 5563-я  
Worker working in a very stressful office workplace. The employee is distracted, having too much work, frustrated and scolded by boss. The job is boring, tiring, inefficient and has no prospect.
+2320 за неделю
703581226, 5666-я  
A very angry man expressing his anger, rage, and dissatisfaction by asking why. He is cursing and swearing at something or someone by yelling and screaming out loud. He is very pissed off.
-155 за неделю
673930360, 8336-я  
Happy Couple and Lover. Boyfriend and girlfriend love each others. Stick figures depict a couple kissing, holding hand, giving gifts, high five, consoling, hugging, cuddle, and marriage proposal.
-555 за неделю
751416904, 9581-я  
Social Workers Stick Figure Pictogram Icons. Illustrations depict social worker on public health, school, child welfare, substance abuse, research refer client, natural disaster and group counseling.
+1154 за неделю
674354506, 10143-я  
Man carrying and picking a box in various poses, postures, and positions.
-394 за неделю
731170594, 10187-я  
Women hanging out with a group of best friends together. The friendships is good and happy. They go to shopping, dining, eating, sleeping, dancing, watching TV, and travel together.
+410 за неделю
713630902, 10348-я  
Happy graduating student climbing to the top of book piles. Vector artwork depicts the process and step by step of achieving wisdom, knowledge, success, education, rewards, and hard works.
-94 за неделю
1013303689, 10373-я  
Schizophrenia Chronic Brain Disorder Icons. Pictograms showing signs, symptoms, and treatment of schizophrenia brain disorder disease.
+24611 за неделю


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