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786168331, 3762-я  
Mentor guidance coach for business executive. The company business training are mentoring, personal guidance, online teaching, one to one coaching, counselor, motivation, group discussion and seminar.
-313 за неделю
1013303689, 4591-я  
Schizophrenia Chronic Brain Disorder Icons. Pictograms showing signs, symptoms, and treatment of schizophrenia brain disorder disease.
-425 за неделю
1059574301, 4678-я  
Family outdoor recreational activities. Stick figure pictogram depicts family in the park, riding bicycle together, playing at playground, hiking, outdoor bbq picnic, and enjoying themselves at beach.
-620 за неделю
1038891391, 5896-я  
Mattress Dimensions and Bed Sizes. Pictograms depict icons of people sleeping on different bed sizes that include dimension measurements for crib, twin, XL, full, double, queen, and king size bed.
-574 за неделю
1013305375, 6514-я  
Children Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD
Icons. Pictograms depict autism signs and symptoms on a child such as learning disability, ADHD, OCD, depression, dyspraxia, epilepsy, and hyperactive.
-428 за неделю
1038876343, 6795-я  
Stick Figures of a Person Pointing Finger. A set of stick figures showing a man pointing in different directions on different poses and positions.
-333 за неделю
786108157, 7245-я  
Worker working in a very stressful office workplace. The employee is distracted, having too much work, frustrated and scolded by boss. The job is boring, tiring, inefficient and has no prospect.
-257 за неделю
1042376602, 8524-я  
Home Improvement and House Renovation Icons. Pictogram depicts workers and specialists renovating, upgrading, and repairing building.
-944 за неделю
786952549, 13117-я  
Executives having effective and efficient meeting and discussion. The businessmen have good collaboration, a successful meeting, and celebration. They finished the meeting earlier than expected.
-1300 за неделю
716973469, 13224-я  
Failing to hit the target. Man desperately trying to shoot arrows with bow to hit the bullseye but failed miserably. Vector artwork depicts failure, inaccurate, missing, and lousy.
-575 за неделю
786113893, 13689-я  
Executive working in an efficient office workplace. The worker is happy, satisfied, successful, and enjoying the works. The businessman feels relax, in control, and has freedom over his job.
-720 за неделю
786104056, 14396-я  
Executive working in front of a computer at office workplace. The businessman is also watching video, gaming, writing, reading, sleeping, eating, drinking coffee and relaxing while using the computer.
-1419 за неделю


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За 30 дней: -7.17

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