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1. 1151788274, 97206 pos.  
Insulin resistance vector illustration. Labeled scheme with all cycle of process. High glucose in blood, constant demand. Medical diagram how reporters become resistant, hunger, carvings and carb diet
-5543 per week
2. 1200565330, 80249 pos.  
Press release copywriting flat concept vector illustration, group of people making research and composing marketing text for publication. Company or product announcement online or in other media.
-4424 per week
3. 1200679210, 80078 pos.  
Neocortex vector illustration. Labeled diagram with location and functions. Frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobe scheme for human, mammal and reptilian brain.
-3129 per week
4. 1200679315, 67042 pos.  
Serotonin vector illustration. Labeled diagram with gut brain axis and CNS. Intestinal microbiota influence brain behavior and intestinal cycle. Educational infographic.
-972 per week
5. 1205405659, 35404 pos.  
Affiliate marketing flat vector illustration. Business commercial and advertisement strategy type using SEO, pay per click and mail. Human handshake and cooperation.
-2279 per week
6. 1205986015, 79300 pos.  
Protein synthesis vector illustration. Labeled transcription and translation steps diagram with full cycle explanation. How body creates protein chain from cytoplasm.
-78 per week
7. 1206473638, 2083 pos.  
Volunteering vector illustration. Stylized and abstract team help charity and sharing hope. Care, love and good heart community support poor, homeless and elder persons.
-250 per week
8. 1208864680, 38466 pos.  
Holistic healing vector illustration. Alternative medicine and state of mind for spiritual therapy. Illness and disorder treatment with nature, religion and spirit power.
-353 per week
9. 1211629231, 97196 pos.  
Collaboration vector illustration. Process of people working together to achieve or complete common goal or task. Cooperation power to success team or company target.
-2977 per week
10. 1218104026, 95332 pos.  
Enzyme vector illustration. Full labeled cycle and diagram with macromolecular biological catalysts. Structure of molecules that accelerate chemical reactions and converts the substrates into products
-5036 per week
11. 1218988405, 72385 pos.  
Plant structure and cross section diagrams, botanical microbiology vector illustration schemes collection. Stem and leaves labeled closeup drawings with layers and cells. Educational biology poster.
-2972 per week
12. 1221406465, 36339 pos.  
Family tree flat vector illustration. Example of relatives connection data. Human genealogical heritage collection from one family depicted in scheme in form of apple tree. Old kin tradition symbol.
-1777 per week
13. 1222770484, 2984 pos.  
Online voting mini people concept flat vector illustration with computer screen,voting box and voters making decisions.Modern electronic voting system for election,government rules and public projects
-262 per week
14. 1222875439, 72775 pos.  
Globalisation flat vector illustration, people around the globe connection concept. Commercial cargo transportation and international business network relationships. World wide web internet technology
-5742 per week
15. 1236301579, 31060 pos.  
Coworking vector illustration. Stylized banner with people sharing office. Self directed, collaborative, flexible and voluntary work style for hipsters and freelancers. Modern brainstorming and talk.
-1129 per week
16. 1236301723, 70153 pos.  
Free download vector illustration. Banner with stream or upload meaning. Stylized concept for torrent data piracy from servers, online media shopping, file transfer and sharing. Modern people life.
-2217 per week
17. 1237506556, 76508 pos.  
Search results vector illustration. Banner with engine answers to question. Online business and technology to display pages in response to query by searcher. Stylized team to advertise or SEO work.
-3661 per week
18. 1238282893, 41580 pos.  
Car insurance vector illustration. Stylized motor with agreement and umbrella. Protection, warranty and shield symbol that guards vehicle from accident, damage or collision. People protection business
-941 per week
19. 1239528121, 83026 pos.  
Science vector illustration. Medical pharmacy Industry example with scientists. Purple flat stylized laboratory where people are exploring, learning, building knowledge and gathering research data.
-6639 per week
20. 1241977066, 22420 pos.  
Investing vector illustration. Deposit profit and wealth growing business. Teamwork persons cultivate money to fund future business. Increase income dollars with successful bank investor strategy.
-1677 per week
21. 1243848043, 2779 pos.  
Survey vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept with quality test and satisfaction report. Feedback from customers or opinion form. Client answers understanding with professional research team.
-199 per week
22. 1243848187, 38190 pos.  
Mindfulness flat vector illustration. Mentally healthy exercise with yoga pose. Spiritual body training knowledge for peaceful, creative, and harmony woman. Intelligent people group learning harmony.
-3387 per week
23. 1243848400, 2588 pos.  
Stock market vector illustration. Flat mini money growth persons concept with positive and successful indicators. Global investment business value improvement. Finance and economy profit with coins.
-224 per week
24. 1248996451, 72941 pos.  
Translate vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept. Language knowledge and talking using dictionary. Multilingual documents and foreign speech education. International culture business teamwork
-6022 per week
25. 1248996898, 34126 pos.  
Audit vector illustration. Mini persons systematic independent examination. Concept of accounting economy document research and financial inspection. Flat abstract example for knowledge or education.
-2070 per week
26. 1248997345, 72940 pos.  
Web design vector illustration. Mini persons concept with creative design home page, blog or site. Equipment tools for digital interface. Teamwork and coworker job for computer app development company
-1936 per week
27. 1248997378, 45029 pos.  
Environment vector illustration. Renewable nature resources collection for earth sustainability. People effect on climate change. Alternative energy and organic thinking and lifestyle. Recycle symbol.
-3129 per week
28. 1248997771, 38574 pos.  
Blood donation vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept for emergency donor aid, transfusion charity and patient support. Pharmacy equipment and collection for urgent hospital surgery situation.
-1507 per week
29. 1248997882, 41650 pos.  
Cardiologist vector illustration. Mini person concept with heart health job. Doctor with stethoscope check patient heartbeat and pulse. Professional medic analyzing cardiovascular measurement results.
+1090 per week
30. 1248998131, 34122 pos.  
Mathematics vector illustration. Flat mini persons education concept. Algebra symbols with geometry figures used learning science in school or university. Arithmetic knowledge symbols collection set.
-3168 per week
31. 1248998794, 51144 pos.  
Astrology vector illustration. Flat zodiac constellation knowledge symbols. Abstract ancient calendar concept with all character collection. Mythology esoteric culture ornaments learning from nature.
-3268 per week
32. 1248998977, 40851 pos.  
Diversity flat vector illustration. Symbolic race and sex unity on earth. Multiculturalism and cultural difference solidarity and friendship. Society tolerance and freedom equality around the globe.
-3004 per week
33. 1249752373, 55617 pos.  
Chatbot vector illustration. Mini persons talk with digital robot concept. Artificial intelligence friendship or bonding with human. Smartphone assistant service. Social live speech substitute with AI
-4749 per week
34. 1249753042, 93194 pos.  
Endorphins vector illustration. Isolated human brain cross section hormones scheme. Exposure and release time for oxytocin, serototin, dopamine and endorphin. Anatomical and biochemical explanation.
-7273 per week
35. 1252357465, 96249 pos.  
Engineering vector illustration. Professional urban architect occupation. Project with industrial business concept and power station construction. Modern work with precise math and physics calculation
-7633 per week
36. 1252358062, 15168 pos.  
Fintech vector illustration. Mini person concept with modern finance services method. Flat smartphone tablet for investing in startups or cryptocurrency. Applies technology to improve money activities
-843 per week
37. 1254890635, 83869 pos.  
Hiring vector illustration. Mini persons crowd with CV for job recruitment. Business employee interview for company vacancy research. Money opportunity for unemployment applicant. Headhunting service.
-7036 per week
38. 1254913837, 14284 pos.  
RX medical prescription drug vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept with patient, pills, capsules, drugs and doctor. Disease therapy medicament sold by pharmacist. Pharmacy control of business
-1083 per week
39. 1257279586, 37130 pos.  
Booking online vector illustration. Flat mini person concept with electronic purchase confirmation. Hotel, resort, flight ticket or insurance reserve from distance for vacation holiday tourism trip.
-3305 per week
40. 1257934813, 85920 pos.  
Flat adverts vector illustration. Online offer for business discount campaign, promo or publication. PPC managing or pay per click traffic attraction. Publication message placement on web home page.
-7052 per week
41. 1257937237, 24143 pos.  
Planning vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept with schedule calendar. System to organize daily routine. Time management chart graphic to structure deadline meetings, agenda or appointments.
-2023 per week
42. 1260570985, 24343 pos.  
Video editor vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept with camera work and footage editing. Multimedia content production for online video blog channel. Meeting hot news publishing deadlines.
-554 per week
43. 1271931235, 22580 pos.  
Research vector illustration. Flat mini persons concept with diagram analyze process. Coworkers study business information graphic and educational data to make new solution project or knowledge report
-1100 per week
44. 1271931346, 40122 pos.  
Proofreading vector illustration. Mini persons concept with grammar errors in newspaper manuscript. Isolated red mistakes in text. Editing and correction job in school or college. Punctuation problem.
-620 per week
45. 1271931493, 31230 pos.  
Crowdfunding vector illustration. Startup investment with flat tiny persons concept. Online service project to donate, support or collective raise money for new ideas. Entrepreneur business strategy.
-1590 per week
46. 1271932024, 6255 pos.  
Human rights vector illustration. Flat tiny equal and variety persons concept. No racism, gender or sexual discrimination movement. Freedom, love and equality symbol. Protest for tolerance and respect
-554 per week
47. 1271932072, 14681 pos.  
Gender equality vector illustration. Flat tiny persons with sex symbol concept. Social problem solving woman discrimination. Feminism movement for tolerance, rights and same opportunities like men do.
-1578 per week
48. 1276337041, 22949 pos.  
Plantar fasciitis vector illustration. Labeled human feet sport disorder diagram. Educational medical scheme with orthopedic leg disease. Painful plantar fascia inflammation and irritation infographic
-2345 per week
49. 1276337977, 87076 pos.  
Inflation vector illustration. Goods prices, money value on scale example. Explained economical finance changes process. Increasing general price level and purchase are getting more expensive annually
+783 per week
50. 1276339708, 45564 pos.  
COPD vector illustration. Labeled chronic obstructive pulmonary disease explanation. Lungs inflammation symptoms and causes diagram. Compared healthy airways and emphysema or bronchitis type sickness.
-4209 per week
51. 1276594234, 61479 pos.  
Streaming music vector illustration. Flat tiny persons concept with headphones. Online broadcast service system for song listening without download. Online media playback using wireless cloud content.
-922 per week
52. 1276594951, 75148 pos.  
Programming vector illustration. Flat tiny person concept with IT computer. Application, software or web page coding process. Interface development with task algorithm source and executable designing.
+552 per week
53. 1276595065, 34303 pos.  
Mobile wallet vector illustration. Flat tiny persons concept with money transfer from cash to smartphone application. Pay using wireless technology transaction. Modern customer finance deposit account
-799 per week
54. 1276595605, 48288 pos.  
Big data vector illustration. Tiny person with server visualization concept. Digital internet network connection with global database storage analysis. IT business worker research systems file process
-4507 per week
55. 1276596178, 12530 pos.  
Keto diet vector illustration. Flat tiny persons concept with low carb diet chart. Healthy ketogenic state for depression, fasting and healing. Organic raw nutrition paleo food as caveman lifestyle.
-782 per week
56. 1276596310, 41518 pos.  
Taxes vector illustration. Flat tiny persons concept with payment time delay. Finance service to pay for government needs. Deadline information bill and fine charge. National annual calculation check.
-1644 per week
57. 1276596442, 95428 pos.  
Online courses vector illustration. Flat tiny person learn virtual concept. Modern knowledge development using internet training, teaching. Webinar and distance lesson service. Web presentation video.
-7910 per week
58. 1276596649, 48286 pos.  
Money saving vector illustration. Flat tiny persons concept with budget piggy bank. Financial wealth symbol with cash money from savings. Investment success and safe economical fund deposit strategy.
+7748 per week
59. 1276597060, 16564 pos.  
Bankruptcy vector illustration. Flat tiny person concept with broke company. Sinking business process in financial crisis. Economical loan payback problem and investment failure and budget collapse.
-527 per week
60. 1283582776, 47949 pos.  
Job agency vector illustration. Flat tiny employee headhunters persons concept. Professional work search and offer service company. Recruitment industry occupation for human resources. CV application.
-2863 per week
61. 1284767173, 36539 pos.  
Government vector illustration. Flat tiny political speech persons concept. Democratic election campaign. Political debates and parliament voting. National, economic and strategic decisions.
-3576 per week
62. 1284767239, 95027 pos.  
Healthy diet vector illustration. Tiny persons concept with raw vegetables. Vegan and vegetarian fresh ingredient food. Organic, natural and nutrition full meal lifestyle and products for weight loss.
-8039 per week
63. 1284767476, 30825 pos.  
GDP vector illustration.Flat tiny persons concept with gross domestic product per capita.Businessman with ascending economical data arrow.National earning profit measurement and index.Financial value.
-1448 per week
64. 1291193269, 25521 pos.  
Generation Z vector illustration. Flat virtual tiny persons messaging concept. New and modern demography trend with progressive youth gen. Technology influence on teenagers. Online friends lifestyle.
-1450 per week
65. 1291193695, 25520 pos.  
Sociology vector illustration. Flat tiny research ethnical persons concept. Community globalization and science about people group diversity, culture, race and traditions to understand and accept.
-1451 per week
66. 1295342743, 22569 pos.  
Inflation vector illustration. Flat tiny person concept with basic economy term. Money value recession and price increase process. Finance market risk crisis in percentage rate. Unstable nominal worth
-245 per week
67. 1303757494, 54604 pos.  
Oil and gas natural formation labeled vector illustration explain scheme. Time line from million years ago to today. Educational drilling technology process to get fossil energy. Resource infographic.
+33 per week
68. 1303757521, 20834 pos.  
Vitamins vector illustration. Flat tiny healthy lifestyle persons concept. Fresh organic food as vegetarian nutrition set for whole essential chemical elements. Eat raw for heart and bones strength.
-46 per week
69. 1303757530, 24729 pos.  
Corruption vector illustration. Flat tiny persons cash money laundering concept. Finance economical crime with tax payment. Illegal criminal process in offshore. Dishonesty and unfair oligarchies.
+291 per week
70. 1303757533, 54605 pos.  
LGBT vector illustration. Flat tiny bisexual persons with rainbow concept. Transgender flag sign to symbolize love, equality, rights and tolerance. Movement against discrimination and trans culture.
-2667 per week
71. 1303757536, 19686 pos.  
Macroeconomics vector illustration. Flat tiny finance chart persons concept. Global GDP money budget graph. Positive whole stock capital income rate. Global money study and basic economy knowledge.
-607 per week
72. 1303757539, 31898 pos.  
Africa vector illustration. Flat tiny persons concept with classical continent landscape. Ethnic culture traditions with tourists. Vacation, holidays and adventure destination. Fruit baskets on head.
-998 per week
73. 1303757545, 71137 pos.  
Microeconomics vector illustration. Flat tiny local business persons concept. Increase money profit stats and product positive value. Individual company resources price balance. Economy study basics.
-6442 per week
74. 1303757548, 63756 pos.  
Negotiation vector illustration. Flat tiny persons discussion about rules. Business communication symbol for cooperation, partnership and contract agreement deal. Partner dialogue and collaboration.
+940 per week
75. 1303757554, 25434 pos.  
Venture capital vector illustration. Flat tiny investment persons concept. Risky business with huge profit potential. Startup and new idea funding. Innovation entrepreneur and project crowd funding.
-2055 per week
76. 1303757563, 75305 pos.  
Robotics vector illustration. Flat tiny person concept with future robots. Industry 4.0 - factory job automation, employment crisis and technological adoption to artificial intelligence machinery
-6709 per week
77. 1303757566, 54606 pos.  
Biotechnology vector illustration. Tiny DNA biology science persons concept. Smart devices artificial intelligence health monitoring and diagnosis app. Medical technology health improvement analysis.
-2667 per week
78. 1303757569, 57420 pos.  
Artificial intelligence or AI vector illustration. Flat tiny IT engineer person concept with work on robot creation. Futuristic technology design on modern electronic head. Virtual intellect brains.
-2782 per week
79. 1309966711, 18869 pos.  
Accounting vector illustration. Flat tiny math calculation persons concept. Company finance and tax calculation. Money management report and payment processing service as job. Balance analysis check.
-1128 per week
80. 1309967188, 27399 pos.  
Presentation vector illustration. Flat infographics publication and speech. Mentor answers to seminar questions. Training conference and couch lecture. Teacher and leader educates business audience.
-1116 per week
81. 1309967269, 15693 pos.  
National debt vector illustration. Tiny government credit persons concept. Global and domestic money loss problem. Bad economy and finance deficit risk symbol. Country loan crisis and bankruptcy risk.
-267 per week
82. 1309967656, 88806 pos.  
Virtual personal family doctor vector illustration. Flat tiny persons medical app concept. Virtual emergency health consultation. Professional help using biotech artificial intelligence for diagnose.
-7871 per week
83. 1309967917, 13293 pos.  
Chiropractor vector illustration. Flat tiny alternative medicine person concept. Spine pain, problems and disorders manual therapy. Anatomical patient body natural treatment from injury diagnosis.
-1022 per week
84. 1309967923, 27398 pos.  
Weight and fat loss vector illustration. Flat tiny slim fit body persons concept. Diet lifestyle for healthy fitness sport shape. Exercise to balance and control figure and calories. Mass measurement.
-1969 per week
85. 1309968604, 6491 pos.  
Mentoring vector illustration. Flat tiny motivation couch persons concept. Employee education development teacher and inspiring leader knowledge. Personal or career goal achievement strategy advice.
-707 per week
86. 1311786263, 62185 pos.  
Fitness app vector illustration. Flat tiny virtual sports person concept. Healthy exercise without gym. Personal training with modern mobile technology. Workout application with heart pulse and couch.
-2389 per week
87. 1313266934, 51436 pos.  
Education vector illustration. Tiny knowledge learning person concept. School, university and college graduation. Personal growth degree and development using book research, teacher and literature
+405 per week
88. 1314023948, 97135 pos.  
Income class vector illustration. Flat three levels tiny persons wealth concept. Economical system symbolic chart with poor, middle and rich society parts. Hierarchy and income level difference.
-8720 per week
89. 1315752053, 17692 pos.  
News vector illustration. Flat tiny TV and newsletter read persons concept. Business service to provide information using digital websites or paper press. Social broadcasting and journalism reports.
-1597 per week
90. 1315759628, 13162 pos.  
Student loans vector illustration. Flat tiny study finance persons concept. Education investment banking business. Economical system to get money for college or university. Payment obligation symbol.
-320 per week
91. 1315759913, 33274 pos.  
5G vector illustration. Fastest wireless internet compared with 4G network. Labeled explanation scheme with macro antenna, cells and servers. Smart city, self driving cars and IOT infrastructure.
-712 per week
92. 1318126250, 14747 pos.  
5G speed isometric cyberspace and tiny persons concept vector illustration. Smooth abstract internet generations velocity comparison and usage collection. VR, 4K video stream and 3D signal transfer.
-993 per week
93. 1322348150, 18697 pos.  
Business ideas vector illustration. Flat tiny creative work persons concept. Symbolic brainstorming and success company strategy. Teamwork finance cooperation and management. Inspirational start up.
-1630 per week
94. 1322355803, 35362 pos.  
Project management vector illustration. Flat tiny teamwork person concept. Working plan strategy leadership for success development and progress. Finance, communication, investment analysis collection
-3691 per week
95. 1323453227, 90476 pos.  
Geology vector illustration. Flat tiny soil science industry persons concept. Earth mineral rock exploration and mining knowledge business. Study about volcanic surface and solid fossil geodesy mining
-8049 per week
96. 1323457358, 9005 pos.  
Climate change vector illustration. Flat global warming tiny persons concept. Nature environment danger because energy business industry and air pollution. Temperature rising and animal extinction.
-389 per week
97. 1323459095, 90470 pos.  
Pediatric vector illustration. Flat tiny kids doctor study persons concept. Symbolic medical children and baby treatment. Abstract funny infant illness patient care. Cute veterinarian aid profession.
-8048 per week
98. 1324589111, 32478 pos.  
Photographer occupation vector illustration. Flat tiny camera picture person concept. Professional digital film equipment technology. Creative nature image capture on tripod. Outdoor shooting session.
-1915 per week
99. 1324590215, 47043 pos.  
World population growth vector illustration. Flat tiny person count concept. Total global human statistic raise data. Increase demographic situation. Asian people evolution trend and graph.
-4855 per week
100. 1324590518, 10678 pos.  
Human resources automation vector illustration. Flat tiny person work concept. 21st century challenge - workforce employment social crisis. Digital era algorithm artificial intelligence domination.
-309 per week
101. 1324591286, 19196 pos.  
Immigration vector illustration. Flat tiny crisis escaping persons concept. International and global foreign citizen moving to better economical situation. Abroad poor social diversity travel freedom.
-1584 per week
102. 1325812391, 55621 pos.  
Biohacking vector illustration. Flat tiny self improvement persons concept. Biological health engineering using hacker ethic and anatomical AI monitoring. Grinder approach that affects organs wealth.
-2137 per week
103. 1328805113, 59896 pos.  
Bureaucracy vector illustration. Flat tiny paperwork pile persons concept. Government employee job with documentation files. Inefficient stressful corporate administration system with printed archive.
-1637 per week
104. 1329017936, 43199 pos.  
Recipes vector illustration. Flat tiny chef write ingredients list concept. Kitchen cooking book with healthy and tasty meal dinner. Organic gourmet dish for vegetarian. Homemade culinary text notes.
-2058 per week
105. 1329984563, 37858 pos.  
Geology vector illustration. Flat tiny volcano earthquake persons concept. Signal technology study to predict nature disasters. Scientists gathering instrument data. Seismic activity and lava eruption
-3972 per week
106. 1329985748, 30685 pos.  
Urban ecology vector illustration. Flat tiny green environment persons concept. Modern city with sustainable, alternative wind energy and fresh air. Recycle and renewable resources. Global town future
-3415 per week
107. 1329986339, 20691 pos.  
Dust in air vector illustration. Flat tiny dirty smog air persons concept. Clean breathing equipment for urban city pollution. Chemical steam cloud from factory effect. Outdoor allergy environment
-1641 per week
108. 1331036420, 67238 pos.  
Algorithm vector illustration. Flat tiny digital tech coding persons concept. Symbolic modern cyberspace engineering graphic. Structural digital software program solution development and success line.
-983 per week
109. 1331043824, 37175 pos.  
Data mining vector illustration. Flat tiny chart graph creation person concept. Symbolic data pie, diagram research. Isometric analysis software process. Abstract information collection visualisation.
-3910 per week
110. 1331225189, 23816 pos.  
EdTech vector illustration. Flat tiny educational technology learning person concept. Symbolic visualization about study and ethical practice of facilitating improving processes, knowledge development
+390 per week
111. 1331227190, 73130 pos.  
Educational app vector illustration. Flat tiny e learning persons concept. AI technology teaching students from distance. Social communication using digital devices. Modern application for web study.
-7164 per week
112. 1331230694, 87363 pos.  
Mobile app vector illustration. Flat tiny phone application persons concept. Digital device software creation, programming and development. IT engineers coding and pictogram design teamwork process.
-8212 per week
113. 1331263562, 73081 pos.  
Podcast vector illustration. Flat tiny e-radio talk show, discussion and interview persons concept. Virtual media communication with microphone. Influencer marketing entertainment performance business
-877 per week
114. 1335576659, 8472 pos.  
Business social responsibility vector illustration. Flat tiny ethical and honest persons concept. Symbolic corporate strategy for sustainable and fair rights organization management or CSR teamwork.
-723 per week
115. 1335579509, 7077 pos.  
Fasting vector illustration. Flat tiny metabolism diet time person concept. Modern and healthy method for weight loss and positive effect. Daily meal schedule and plan to stay in ketogenic state.
-701 per week
116. 1335579527, 89079 pos.  
Fight or flight response vector illustration. Labeled organ response scheme in danger situations. Chemical anatomical process diagram with explained inner organs activity. Educational infographics.
-8377 per week
117. 1335579995, 18429 pos.  
Vagus nerve vector illustration. Labeled anatomical structure scheme and location diagram of human body longest nerve. Infographic with isolated ganglion, branches and plexus. Inner biological ANS.
-853 per week
118. 1335580379, 46303 pos.  
Stress vector illustration. Flat tiny office pressure work persons concept. Symbolic businessman emotional health problem. Tired, frustrated and angry employee lifestyle. Workplace multitasking panic.
-4821 per week
119. 1335580967, 12458 pos.  
Business transparency vector illustration. Flat tiny honest ethics person concept. Simple and creative symbol for information sharing, financial clarity, anti corruption strategy and cooperation trust
-1262 per week
120. 1338365291, 7366 pos.  
Financial forecast vector illustration. Flat tiny economical persons concept. Money growth prediction and progress report. Symbolic company sales improvement statistics calculation and measurement.
-703 per week
121. 1338365312, 15537 pos.  
Zero waste vector illustration. Flat tiny reduce packaging persons concept. Using reusable jars and bags to save earth environment and resource pollution. Organic ecological lifestyle without garbage.
-805 per week
122. 1338366287, 41428 pos.  
Philosophy vector illustration. Flat tiny sociology study persons concept. Ancient and symbolic culture elements. Sculpture with wise Greek, book and feather. Knowledge science and existence question.
-1868 per week
123. 1338926960, 76472 pos.  
Police vector illustration. Flat tiny crime safety authority persons concept. Prison cop guard in uniform protect from violence. Patrol equipment and emergency service occupation. Criminal jail cell.
+8625 per week
124. 1341903995, 88935 pos.  
Intellectual property vector illustration. Flat tiny author persons concept. Idea legal owner information protection with trademark and copyright. Data license trade or piracy and plagiarism control.
+896 per week
125. 1341904289, 80037 pos.  
Cognition vector illustration. Flat tiny mental learning persons concept. Symbolic information knowledge study. Abstract brain development and intellect growth. Mind experience understanding process.
-7542 per week
126. 1341905003, 20936 pos.  
Ethical marketing vector illustration. Flat tiny responsible persons concept. Symbolic, honest and fair sustainable standard business. Moral method for company commerce. Environment friendly ideology.
+1552 per week
127. 1341905042, 28504 pos.  
Biological clock vector illustration. Flat tiny aging childless persons concept. Woman reproductive and fertilisation level decreasing with time. Symbolic abstract biological life countdown in head.
-3276 per week
128. 1341905753, 72518 pos.  
Memory vector illustration. Flat tiny symbolic brain growth persons concept. Intelligence education, abstract mental knowledge memo cards. Using information encoded, stored, and retrieved when needed.
-7191 per week
129. 1341923291, 72502 pos.  
Aphasia vector illustration. Labeled educational scheme with brain neuron disorder. Medical problem with writing, reading and repetition inability. List with illness location, structure and effects.
-7187 per week
130. 1341923678, 33981 pos.  
PTSD vector illustration. Labeled anatomical mental disorder causes scheme. Compared healthy and problematic brain differences set. Explained psychiatry diagnosis after disasters, abuse and accidents.
-3789 per week
131. 1341942557, 99098 pos.  
Social media followers vector illustration. Flat tiny persons concept. Flying messaging symbols and information flow. Mobile networking influence marketing culture. Online content audience building.
-9312 per week
132. 1341947789, 51331 pos.  
Supreme court vector illustration. Flat tiny judge building persons concept. Power, justice and federal authority symbol. Lawyer profession knowledge study and graduation. Crime courthouse advocate.
+2847 per week
133. 1344378383, 95984 pos.  
Capitalism vector illustration. Flat tiny economic system persons concept. State ideology based on financial money, profit and market from private ownership. Symbolic wealth priority from labor work.
+1781 per week
134. 1344427112, 24443 pos.  
Lean canvas vector illustration. Business plan presentation blank template table. Alternative and effective tool for entrepreneurs. Simple method that helps deconstruct idea into its key assumptions.
-386 per week
135. 1345002464, 26929 pos.  
Positive thinking vector illustration. Flat tiny optimistic persons concept. Happy thought power to health improvement. Symbolic creative strategy for success, enjoy feeling and dream control strategy
-3166 per week
136. 1345002479, 68820 pos.  
Neurology vector illustration. Flat tiny nerve study doctor persons concept. Anatomical knowledge science of brain and senses diseases. Examine internal health and diagnosis controlled pills treatment
-6731 per week
137. 1345002500, 32087 pos.  
Arts vector illustration. Flat tiny music, literature and painting persons concept. Creative artist process collection set. Creator of visual culture, interactive media and sound representation skill.
+491 per week
138. 1345003556, 1145 pos.  
Philanthropy vector illustration. Flat tiny voluntary charity persons concept. Symbolic love of humanity as nonprofit social teamwork. Support contribution, gifts and abstract public good improvement.
-175 per week
139. 1345371008, 94647 pos.  
Hierarchy vector illustration. Flat tiny persons social development concept. Organization career structure from professional employee to leaders. Society arrangement system to classify success groups.
-8983 per week
140. 1345371791, 23999 pos.  
Conversation vector illustration. Flat tiny talking bubble persons concept. Social discussion to express thoughts verbal. Abstract idea dialog communication. Face to face questions and answers meeting
+1153 per week
141. 1345924772, 22556 pos.  
Social community vector illustration. Flat tiny linked persons group concept. Communication media platform for friends, family, contacts or business connection. International citizens identity member.
-1594 per week
142. 1348565927, 79668 pos.  
Universal basic income vector illustration. Flat tiny money receiving person concept. Economical governmental income guarantee to resident citizens equality. Social support system to reduce poverty.
+1029 per week
143. 1349067239, 88827 pos.  
Kindergarten vector illustration. Flat tiny active children person concept. Educational elementary school for happy kids knowledge. Infant nursery outdoors playground with ball games and adult teacher
-8589 per week
144. 1349069246, 10255 pos.  
Recruitment ageism vector illustration. Tiny old persons segregation concept. Unfair economical employment problem with seniors career rejection. Human resources avoid work offer to aged society part.
-353 per week
145. 1351333754, 47544 pos.  
Customer journey vector illustration. Client focused marketing model scheme. Consumer theoretical diagram towards the purchase of a product or service. Labeled outlined product marketing infographics
+3212 per week
146. 1351334156, 34989 pos.  
Eisenhower matrix vector illustration. Outlined time management plan scheme. Diagram with labeled deadline organization and project process efficient control. Urgent and important to do list schedule.
-3947 per week
147. 1352057717, 11639 pos.  
Populism vector illustration. Flat tiny leader manipulation persons concept. Disinformation strategy to lie crowd. Political fake news approach ideology. Demagogy speech power to persuade nation.
+879 per week
148. 1355674040, 63765 pos.  
Radiology vector illustration. Flat tiny xray skeleton bones persons concept. Transparent body scanner equipment for patient disease, injury and trauma diagnosis. Spine, legs and head doctor research.
-6693 per week
149. 1358244881, 9054 pos.  
Reforestation vector illustration. Flat tiny forest planting persons concept. Environmental agriculture to save earth ecology. Sustainable green life nature care development for fresh and clean air.
-291 per week
150. 1358245223, 50370 pos.  
CO2 emissions vector illustration. Flat tiny air pollution person concept. Environmental danger from electricity industry factories. Greenhouse warming effect in city. Toxic smoke from chimney exhaust
+4493 per week