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1427372777, 4018 pos.  
Glass money jar full of gold coins. Saving dollar coin in moneybox. Growth, income, savings, investment. Symbol of wealth. Business success. Flat style vector illustration.
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1112606540, 12142 pos.  
Identity card, national id card, passport card with visas stamps in hand. Passenger jet plane in air. Clouds, sky and sun. Cityscape. Vector illustration in flat style
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552739351, 12829 pos.  
Bank card and payment pos terminal. vector illustration in flat style
0 per week
1283802355, 14164 pos.  
Moving to new house. Family relocated to new home. Paper cardboard boxes with various household thing. Package for transportation. Computer, lamp, clothes, books. Vector illustration in flat style
0 per week
1662171649, 15488 pos.  
Businessman with biefcase on ladder creates new idea. Concept of creative idea or inspiration, business start up. Glass bulb with spiral in flat style. Vector illustration
0 per week
1726442296, 16892 pos.  
Glass of water in hand, prescription, pills, capsules for illness and pain treatment. Taking medication concept. Medical drug, vitamin, antibiotic. Healthcare and pharmacy. Flat vector illustration
0 per week
796486216, 21641 pos.  
Bulletin board full of tasks on sticky note cards. Development, team work, agenda, schedule, to do list. Vector illustration in flat style
0 per week
534491554, 29527 pos.  
Оранжевая папка документов с бумажными листами и липкими заметками. Векторная иллюстрация в плоском стиле
0 per week
1212219430, 33746 pos.  
Santa claus with bag with gifts in house chimney, gift boxes in snow, reindeer. Happy new year decoration. Merry christmas eve holiday. New year and xmas celebration. Vector illustration in flat style
0 per week
736934527, 34633 pos.  
Wanted person paper poster on brick wall. Missing announce. Information tear off papers. Search for lost person in big city. Vector illustration in flat style
0 per week
1655449762, 34791 pos.  
Stressed out businessman with head of bomb. Overworked exhausted man with burning brain. Person burnt by work. Emotional stress. Man in suit with burning head. Vector illustration in flat style
0 per week
717374416, 57638 pos.  
Black and white fingerprint. Identification and authorization system. Fingerprint for id, passport, applications. Simple finger print icon. Vector illustration
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Coefficient of average popularity of the vectors in the portfolio.
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