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704075446, 577-я  
Star rating. Businessman holding a gold star in hand, to give five. Feedback concept. Evaluation system. Positive review. Vector illustration flat design. Isolated on white background. Quality work.
+62 за неделю
588892502, 2749-я  
Auditing concepts. Auditor at table during examination of financial report. Tax process. Research, project management, planning, accounting, analysis, data. Vector illustration flat design.
-326 за неделю
601111991, 4830-я  
Goal achievement. Successful way up to goal. Ambition business. Path chart to target. Vector illustration flat design. Isolated on white background. Businessman to top graph. Aspiration to victory
-334 за неделю
525483823, 5662-я  
Hand agent with home in palm and key on finger. Offer of purchase house, rental of Real Estate. Giving, offering, demonstration, handing house keys. Vector illustration flat design.
-888 за неделю
536431450, 6211-я  
Financial accounting concept. Organization process, analytics, research, planning, report, market analysis. Flat style vector. Businessman holding magnifying glass, clipboard financial tables, graphs.
-767 за неделю
704819290, 7111-я  
Career planning. Businessman draws graph of growth standing at stairs steps. Concept of career growth. Vector illustration flat design. Isolated on background.
-523 за неделю
553182328, 8820-я  
Creative ideas concept. Hand holding pencil with light bulb, silhouette icon. Innovation, solution. Success in education, art, project. Vector illustration flat design. Isolated on yellow background.
-995 за неделю
553182343, 9381-я  
Business training concept. Corporate training staff. Briefing meeting. Business seminar. Vector illustration flat design. Conference employee. Planning decisions.
-1226 за неделю
601119815, 9605-я  
Cost reduction concept. Cost down. Businessman with his hand lowers the arrow of the graph. Vector illustration flat design. Isolated on background. Decrease down profit. Declining chart.
-1111 за неделю
654388384, 9727-я  
Business concept. Teamwork metaphor. Two businessmen connecting puzzle elements. Vector illustration flat style design. Combining two pieces. Symbol of working together, cooperation, partnership.
-198 за неделю
636111557, 10555-я  
Money in hand set. Bag of cash in businessman hands. Showing, pay, giving coin and banknote. Bucks hold isolated on white background. Vector illustration flat design. Template for financial projects.
-800 за неделю
627796466, 12009-я  
Protection money concept. Bag of coins under an umbrella hold in hand. Secure investment, insurance. Vector illustration flat design style. Shield to protect savings. Finance safety.
-151 за неделю


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За день: -0.32
За неделю: -7.48
За 30 дней: -13.47

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За 30 дней: +103

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За день: -1
За неделю: -5
За 30 дней: -15


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