Olly Kava
Olly Kava  
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1724509993, 295 pos.  
Abstract still life in pastel colors poster. Collection of contemporary art. Abstract paper cut elements, fruits and berries for social media, postcards, print. Hand drawn pear, peach, fig, strawberry
+105 per week
1646296840, 2885 pos.  
Set of backgrounds for social media platform, stories, banner with abstract shapes, fruits, leaves, and woman shape. Visual design for your social networks, personal blog, shop.
+1205 per week
1636167877, 4486 pos.  
Collection of contemporary art posters in pastel colors. Abstract paper cut geometric elements and strokes, leaves and dots. Great deisgn for social media, postcards, print.
0 per week
1725494443, 5102 pos.  
Abstract still life in pastel colors. Collection of contemporary art. Abstract geometrical elements, shapes for social media, posters, postcards, print. Hand drawn vase, leaves, flowers, fruits, pear.
0 per week
1724515288, 6602 pos.  
Female shape, silhouette on retro summer background. Fashion woman portrait in pastel colors. Collection of contemporary art posters. Abstract paper cut elements, shapes, pottery, vase, peach, orange.
0 per week


The sum of ranks of all top vectors of the portfolio.
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Per day: -1.2
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Per 30 days: +0.31

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