Julia Tim
Julia Tim  
2086121, год начала 2014
205-е место
рейтинг 85.4   (-0.38 за день)
векторов 2494 (+15 за 4 нед.)
в топе 82 — 3%

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1039158226, 2353-я  
Man working with pc at his work desk and testing ui and ux. Gradient line vector illustration of student studying at home. Young guy working with computer and laptop at home on violet background
+10 за неделю
753972046, 6846-я  
Man sitting on the big laptop and working. Gradient line vector illustration of young programmer coding a new project using computer on violet background with code symbols and signs
-266 за неделю
1017178969, 7214-я  
Gradient line vector illustration of people using gadgets sitting on smartphone, tablet and laptop and enjoying ux and ui design. Young couples using cross platform mobile apps for social networks
-416 за неделю
1060062536, 7632-я  
Human voice recognition and smart assistance concept gradient line vector illustration of people using voice assistant and ai without missunderstanding
+37 за неделю
1060057112, 9318-я  
Young man standing near big question symbol and he needs to ask help or advice via live chat, help desk or faq. Flat concept vector illustration of online support on blue background
+1608 за неделю
1060840070, 10159-я  
Personal assistant and voice recognition concept gradient vector illustration of soundwave intelligent technologies. Microphone button with bright voice and sound imitation waves
+526 за неделю
679822843, 11491-я  
Social media bubble with red heart symbol flat vector illustration of young people using mobile gadgets such as laptop, tablet pc and smartphone for networking and collecting likes and comments.
-716 за неделю
1039158217, 15070-я  
Woman working with laptop at her work desk, looking at monitor and smartphone. Gradient line vector illustration of student studying at home. People working with laptop at home on violet background
+342 за неделю
1039158220, 15071-я  
Office man sitting in calm lotus pose and relaxing with analytics graphs behind. Gradient line vector illustration of young people meditating and thinking about mindfulness after hard working day
+1997 за неделю
658320586, 17201-я  
Young people sitting on the laptop and working with laptops in social networks for business project. Flat illustration top view of woman and man using laptop and typing on keyboard for blog or website
-1112 за неделю
680533714, 19266-я  
We need you concept vector illustration. Retro human hand with the finger pointing or gesturing towards you. Vintage hipster poster isolated on white background
-706 за неделю
763543702, 21479-я  
Bitcoin golden symbol concept vector illustration of huge growth on cryptocurrency markets. Flat human hands hold gold coin and other hold big white arrow going up on blue background
-2561 за неделю


Сумма рейтингов всех векторов портфеля, находящихся в топе.
Сейчас: 85.4


За день: -0.38
За неделю: -2.39
За 30 дней: -4.4

Общее количество векторов

Обновляется два раза в неделю, т.е. могут быть небольшие отставания.
Сейчас: 2494


За неделю: +6
За 30 дней: +15

Количество векторов в топе

Сейчас: 82


За день: 0
За неделю: -1
За 30 дней: -5


Коэффициент средней популярности вектора в портфеле.
Математически это рейтинг портфеля, деленный на общее количество векторов в портфеле.
Сейчас: 0.03


За день: -0.5%
За неделю: -3%
За 30 дней: -5.5%