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The impact of coronavirus on the stock exchange and the global economy. Covid-19 virus hits market. Shares fall down. Markets plunging. Economic fallout. Vector background Coronavirus and market
0 per week
1627632577, 216 pos.  
Hologram of coronavirus  COVID-2019 on a blue futuristic background. Deadly type of virus 2019-nCoV. 3D models of coronavirus bacteria. Vectonic illustration in HUD style
0 per week
1717016095, 876 pos.  
Portal and hologram futuristic circle elements. Sky-fi digital hi-tech collection in HUD style. Magic circle teleport podium. GUI, UI virtual reality projector. Abstract hologram technology. Vector
0 per week
1751381474, 1195 pos.  
Internet banking app. Mobile phone payment with NFC technology and High level payment security. Wireless cash transaction technology and money storage. Wallet with cards UI App and E-payment. Vector
0 per week
1633534342, 2250 pos.  
MERS-Cov (middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus). Dark background with bacteria and the inscription coronavirus. 2019-nCoV concept. 3D  COVID-2019 elements. Vector illustration
0 per week
1432218662, 3718 pos.  
A collection of smartphones at different angles. Vector mockups. Collection mobile phones isolated on white background.  Mockup generic device. Vector smartphones set. 3D realistic phones, template
-2391 per week
1615531684, 5151 pos.  
HUD GUI holograms and futuristic elements. Vector set digital technology UI. Circle Sci-fi elements with light and lights. Concept Futuristic User Interface for graphic motion. Vector
0 per week
1524835559, 5436 pos.  
Hologram auto, futuristic polygonal model auto. Smart auto ai.  Wireframe in line low-poly style. Smart automobile. Vector illustration in futuristic style
0 per week
1476270968, 5629 pos.  
Medical hologram with body, examination in HUD style. Modern healthcare concept. Futuristic examination with hologram human body and health indicators. Sci 3D x-ray. Vector illustration
0 per week
1680917953, 6666 pos.  
The collapse of the market and the stock exchange due to coronavirus. Covid-19 virus hits market. 3D model of bacteria with graphs and charts. Economic fallout. Coronavirus and market vector image
0 per week
1727700136, 6688 pos.  
The impact of Covid-19 on the stock exchange and world economy. Coronavirus hits market. Shares fall down. Economic fallout. Markets plunging. Economy vector background with covid-19
0 per week
1545014795, 7038 pos.  
Ink splashes stencil very detailed collection. High quality manually traced. Black inked splatter dirt stain splattered spray splash with drops blots. Isolated  Silhouettes dirty liquid vector grunge
-760 per week


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Mathematically, it is a portfolio rank divided by the total number of the portfolio’s vectors.
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