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Water droplets flow through the absorbent pad showing the detailed steps of absorbent sheets, hygroscopic tablets and sponge pads. Can use advertising media for diapers and adults, sanitary napkins.
+294 per week
1378105100, 10813 pos.  
Moisture and odor-absorbing sheets show the effectiveness of multi-layer materials that can be ventilated. Used for advertising Baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkins, scent masks, mattresses.
-295 per week
1349973704, 89023 pos.  
Details of the material with mattress ventilation showing the ventilation of various materials, advertising, sanitary napkins, diapers and adults Various absorbent sheets.
-4697 per week
1376708072, 93935 pos.  
Digital optical fiber technology abstracts with the spark power of high voltage electricity. Expressing the speed and power of the future cable Large data transfer
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