1699708, год начала 2013
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рейтинг 300   (-2.27 за день)
векторов 17405 (+595 за 4 нед.)
в топе 282 — 2%

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578254879, 240-я  
Graphics colourful for display white poster. Round, triangular, rising, falling and with percentages diagrams showing business progress and regression. Vector set of abstract virtual elements.
-25 за неделю
520011988, 1096-я  
Businessman character creation set. Man with bag of money. Icons with different types of faces, emotions, clothes. Front, side, back view of male person. Moving arms, legs. Chair. Board. Vector
-141 за неделю
530817985, 1421-я  
Set gift card vector illustration on white background, luxury wide gift bow with red ribbon and space frame for text, gift wrapping template for banner, poster design. Simple cartoon style Flat design
-102 за неделю
569170318, 1692-я  
Online banking process scheme on green background. Hands holding phone and pressing keys, hand offering house through screen; fund management, transfer between banks and accounts operation vector
-187 за неделю
601100534, 2079-я  
Blueberry, cherry and bilberry cotton candy of blue, pink and purple colors isolated on white background with signs. Summer snack in parks. Delicious and sweet street food vector illustration.
+91 за неделю
520011877, 2205-я  
Man constructor. Man with photograph and bag. Separate part of male person. Icons with different emotions on face. Various types of faces. Front, side, back view of man. Bended hands, legs. Vector
-244 за неделю
609703397, 3563-я  
Business style create your character vector poster on white. Banner of male worker full length portraits, face emotions, skin colors and types, hair styles, suits, board with charts and workplace
-71 за неделю
610872470, 3624-я  
Businesswoman constructor vector illustration. Set includes women faces, legs and arms, stylish haircuts, elegant suit and shoes, casual trousers, accessories, office chair, chart board and character.
+219 за неделю
590392373, 3995-я  
Horizontal set of medical services with doctors and patients in hospital. Vector illustration of reception, laboratory with radiographs and microscope, operating room and hospital for in-patients.
-125 за неделю
578255440, 4243-я  
Office workers collaboration collection on white. Co working people discussing ideas. Vector illustration of business meeting, teamwork, collaboration and discussion, conference table, brainstorm.
-139 за неделю
569171842, 4330-я  
Vector set of team of workers in process of creating something, discussing idea with chief, celebrating and winning price, working with laptop, drawing scheme and presenting work in cartoon style
-407 за неделю
569169871, 4952-я  
Business coaching vector collection in office. Workers with badges hanging on neck stand near stand with diagram, listen to boss, use electronic devices, discuss issues of day. Working process
-219 за неделю


Сумма рейтингов всех векторов портфеля, находящихся в топе.
Сейчас: 300


За день: -2.27
За неделю: -10.41
За 30 дней: -42.4

Общее количество векторов

Обновляется два раза в неделю, т.е. могут быть небольшие отставания.
Сейчас: 17405


За неделю: +23
За 30 дней: +595

Количество векторов в топе

Сейчас: 282


За день: -4
За неделю: -12
За 30 дней: -37


Коэффициент средней популярности вектора в портфеле.
Математически это рейтинг портфеля, деленный на общее количество векторов в портфеле.
Сейчас: 0.02


За день: -1%
За неделю: -3.7%
За 30 дней: -15.5%