Rank of the vector portfolios

Data to 27.04.2017

Rating is based on the positions of the first 100 thousand pictures (top100k) of category Vectors on Shutterstock. Rating of vector (place in the top) is determined by Shutterstock. (Now the algorithm more complicated, but the principle remains the same.) Depending on the position the picture gets a rank (weight). The sum of ratings of all images in a portfolio of top100k forms the rating of the portfolio (it is divided by 100 to increase readability).

This approach gives several advantages to the portfolios with a large number of images over the portfolios that have only a few papers on the first pages. In our point of view, this is right: a diverse portfolio, based on the marketability of many works is more sustainable and stable than one with a couple of hits.

However, it should be mentioned that the positions of the images in top100k cannot be reflected only by their sales. We came to the conclusion that in the sorting top100k the age of the images and the dynamics of sales is also taking into the account. For example, recent picture with gradually increasing sales will surpass the older one, in which the number of sales is much more, but the sales gradually decrease. And, consequently, a fresh portfolio with growing sales will overtake by rating old one with well-deserved hits.

We can say that the rating conveys not only (or even mainly) the current status of sales, but the trend. Rating can be a good tool for comparative analysis of portfolios and evaluation efforts of the authors.

New hits in the top

585637646, 53 pos.  
Paper art carving of family and park on green town shape, ecology idea, vector art and illustration.
+21 per week
600920690, 58 pos.  
Vector 3D cosmetic illustration for the promotion of foundation premium product. Colorstay make-up in glass bottle and tube on a soft beige background with a feather
+60 per week
607928963, 76 pos.  
Vector image of icon photo camera.
+87 per week
578843596, 78 pos.  
Set of 3D vector milk splash and pouring
+37 per week
594126005, 82 pos.  
Big Set Of Transparent Empty Plastic Packaging. EPS10 Vector
+72 per week
585048175, 86 pos.  
Happy Mother's Day Calligraphy Background
+58 per week

Portfolios top by rank

1816916, start year 2013
1 position
rank 1110   (-13.06 per day)
vectors num. 28945 (+583 /4 weeks)
in the top 1080 — 4%

3407132, start year 2015
2 position
rank 624   (-3.88 per day)
vectors num. 4042 (+42 /4 weeks)
in the top 381 — 9%

1072949, start year 2012
3 position
rank 588   (-4.13 per day)
vectors num. 32323 (+103 /4 weeks)
in the top 370 — 1%

531055792, 125 pos.  
Online shopping ecommerce 24 hours customer support service concept with payment options isometric infographic flowchart poster vector illustration
-9 per week
551809423, 240 pos.  
Professional society isometric background with people of different occupations and jobs isolated vector illustration
+12 per week
552433030, 15 pos.  
Moisturizing cosmetic products ad, light blue bokeh background with beautiful containers and watery texture in 3d illustration
-4 per week
527562700, 81 pos.  
Golden hair oil ads, beautiful essential oil splashing on the cosmetic bottle in 3D illustration
-3 per week
547998097, 43 pos.  
2017 Happy New Year with golden cloud elements, flower elements, and  happy new year of rooster in english and chinese words with red background
-3 per week
547998103, 52 pos.  
2017 Happy New Year with chicken picture, flower elements, and  happy new year of rooster in english and chinese words with pink background
-2 per week

Top by growth the rank per month

Lale Cumali
Lale Cumali  
4018645, start year 2016
21 position
rank 243   (-9.14 per day)
vectors num. 5832 (+454 /4 weeks)
in the top 583 — 10%

rank: +117 per month
Vintage Font Lab
Vintage Font Lab  
4223494, start year 2016
14 position
rank 292   (+2.1 per day)
vectors num. 511 (+87 /4 weeks)
in the top 330 — 65%

rank: +101 per month
Art work
Art work  
4042744, start year 2016
387 position
rank 59.5   (-2.11 per day)
vectors num. 13986 (+11826 /4 weeks)
in the top 118 — 1%

rank: +53.3 per month
533112022, 8389 pos.  
binoculars icon illustration isolated vector sign symbol.
-956 per week
533112034, 15146 pos.  
Key icon illustration isolated vector sign symbol.
-716 per week
612269774, 2798 pos.  
Sherlock Holmes - vintage ornamental font
+1559 per week
611561174, 2911 pos.  
Mercantile Saloon - vintage vector typeface with wild west style design sample
+1613 per week
605929949, 9243 pos.  
Documents icon stock vector illustration flat design
+1794 per week
557146684, 11883 pos.  
network vector icon
-1664 per week

Top by marketability

Portfolios of more than 30 vectors.
861181, start year 2011
109 position
rank 121   (-0.95 per day)
vectors num. 174 (0 /4 weeks)
in the top 97 — 56%

marketability: 0.695
65 position
rank 154   (-0.98 per day)
vectors num. 226 (+25 /4 weeks)
in the top 87 — 38%

marketability: 0.681
1660276, start year 2013
12 position
rank 308   (-0.97 per day)
vectors num. 480 (+10 /4 weeks)
in the top 156 — 33%

marketability: 0.642
506819089, 729 pos.  
Change of a direction. Business concept vector illustration
-38 per week
516266845, 1060 pos.  
Path to the goal. Businessmanâ??s hand drawing a line leading to the goal. Business vector concept illustration
-42 per week
564950983, 245 pos.  
Embroidery colorful floral pattern with dog roses and forget me not flowers. Vector traditional folk fashion ornament on black background.
-27 per week
575994328, 284 pos.  
Embroidery colorful simplified ethnic neck line floral pattern with roses. Vector symmetric traditional folk flowers ornament on black background for design
-7 per week
560505805, 9 pos.  
Simple Set of Business People Related Vector Line Icons. 
Contains such Icons as One-on-One Meeting, Workplace, Business Communication, Team Structure and more.
Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.
0 per week
560970748, 58 pos.  
Simple Set of Gifts Related Vector Line Icons. 
Contains such Icons as Gift Card, Present Offer, Ribbon and more.
Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.
+15 per week

Top by volume of portfolio

615538, start year 2010
553 position
rank 45.5   (-0.65 per day)
vectors num. 475400 (+2700 /4 weeks)
in the top 43 — 0%

4019890, start year 2016
3334 position
rank 4.99   (-0.09 per day)
vectors num. 321900 (+2100 /4 weeks)
in the top 6 — 0%

802546, start year 2011
586 position
rank 43.5   (-0.51 per day)
vectors num. 305400 (0 /4 weeks)
in the top 42 — 0%

518724916, 3942 pos.  
Tuning Tools icon with bonus configuration symbols. Vector illustration style is flat iconic orange and gray design elements on white background.
-327 per week
516801139, 5357 pos.  
Handshake vector icon. Flat black symbol. Pictogram is isolated on a white background. Designed for web and software interfaces.
-618 per week
518614801, 18648 pos.  
Sold Out text rubber seal stamp watermark. Caption inside rounded rectangular banner with grunge design and dirty texture. Slanted vector red ink sticker on a white background.
-1748 per week
551610505, 25886 pos.  
Thumb Up vector icon. Image style is a flat icon symbol on a rounded square button, white and brown colors.
-313 per week
525088870, 8019 pos.  
Pictograph of bulb concept
-576 per week
525084844, 9283 pos.  
News icon
-968 per week

Top by the number added in the past month

2570 position
rank 8.26   (-0.2 per day)
vectors num. 56800
+41022 /4 weeks
in the top 11 — 0%

842557, start year 2016
641 position
rank 39.4   (+0.06 per day)
vectors num. 120500
+25646 /4 weeks
in the top 32 — 0%

HN Works
HN Works  
168648772, start year 2016
568 position
rank 44.4   (-0.94 per day)
vectors num. 75692
+23541 /4 weeks
in the top 66 — 0%

576152836, 20644 pos.  
Architecture icon. Set of 9 Architecture filled icons such as paint bucket, ruler and compass, ruler and pencil, building, construction worker, church, castle
-2780 per week
591814982, 28621 pos.  
cinema icon. Set of 9 cinema filled icons such as movie tape, movie, video, video folder, MPG, film clapper, cinema, director chair
-3961 per week
537191356, 346 pos.  
Grunge Black And White Urban Vector Texture Template. Dark Messy Dust Overlay Distress Background. Easy To Create Abstract Dotted, Scratched, Vintage Effect With Noise And Grain
-16 per week
539029645, 642 pos.  
Grunge Black And White Urban Vector Texture Template. Dark Messy Dust Overlay Distress Background. Easy To Create Abstract Dotted, Scratched, Vintage Effect With Noise And Grain
+15 per week
581548105, 5649 pos.  
flag on mountain icon.
+1100 per week
560813908, 6414 pos.  
eagle icon illustration isolated vector sign symbol
+60 per week