Rank of the vector portfolios

Data to 22.03.2017

Rating is based on the positions of the first 100 thousand pictures (top100k) of category Vectors on Shutterstock. Rating of vector (place in the top) is determined by Shutterstock. (Now the algorithm more complicated, but the principle remains the same.) Depending on the position the picture gets a rank (weight). The sum of ratings of all images in a portfolio of top100k forms the rating of the portfolio (it is divided by 100 to increase readability).

This approach gives several advantages to the portfolios with a large number of images over the portfolios that have only a few papers on the first pages. In our point of view, this is right: a diverse portfolio, based on the marketability of many works is more sustainable and stable than one with a couple of hits.

However, it should be mentioned that the positions of the images in top100k cannot be reflected only by their sales. We came to the conclusion that in the sorting top100k the age of the images and the dynamics of sales is also taking into the account. For example, recent picture with gradually increasing sales will surpass the older one, in which the number of sales is much more, but the sales gradually decrease. And, consequently, a fresh portfolio with growing sales will overtake by rating old one with well-deserved hits.

We can say that the rating conveys not only (or even mainly) the current status of sales, but the trend. Rating can be a good tool for comparative analysis of portfolios and evaluation efforts of the authors.

New hits in the top

578080144, 6 pos.  
Vector illustration of Saint Patrick's Day logotype. St.Patricks Day celebration design on textured background. Lettering typography. Hand sketched St.Patricks Day icon. Beer festival decoration badge
+26 per week
583795417, 15 pos.  
vector illustration. background turkish national holiday of March 18, 1915 the day the Ottomans victory Canakkale Victory Monument .translation: victory of Canakkale happy holiday March 18 1915
+124 per week
579067369, 24 pos.  
Photo frame. White plastic border on a transparent background. Vector illustration. Photorealistic Vector EPS10 Retro Photo Frame Template
+24 per week
583444768, 38 pos.  
Design banner with  spring is here logo. Card for spring season with white frame and herb. Promotion offer with spring plants, leaves and flowers decoration.  Vector
+104 per week
590489303, 41 pos.  
18 March Canakkale Victory. Canakkale is impassable.
+2234 per week
576962404, 84 pos.  
Colorful template business concept timeline arrows. Infographics layout with 15 steps, workflow history with diagram,presentation and graph
+29 per week

Portfolios top by rank

1816916, start year 2013
1 position
rank 1158   (-0.9 per day)
vectors num. 28207 (+1035 /4 weeks)
in the top 1127 — 4%

3407132, start year 2015
2 position
rank 632   (+0.29 per day)
vectors num. 3967 (+65 /4 weeks)
in the top 363 — 9%

1072949, start year 2012
3 position
rank 569   (+0.88 per day)
vectors num. 32201 (+133 /4 weeks)
in the top 343 — 1%

531055792, 76 pos.  
Online shopping ecommerce 24 hours customer support service concept with payment options isometric infographic flowchart poster vector illustration
-7 per week
522557851, 139 pos.  
Luxury scarlet red silk velvet curtains and draperies interior decoration design ideas realistic icons collection isolated vector illustration
-13 per week
552433030, 5 pos.  
Moisturizing cosmetic products ad, light blue bokeh background with beautiful containers and watery texture in 3d illustration
-1 per week
527562700, 60 pos.  
Golden hair oil ads, beautiful essential oil splashing on the cosmetic bottle in 3D illustration
-6 per week
547998097, 14 pos.  
2017 Happy New Year with golden cloud elements, flower elements, and  happy new year of rooster in english and chinese words with red background
-2 per week
547998103, 21 pos.  
2017 Happy New Year with chicken picture, flower elements, and  happy new year of rooster in english and chinese words with pink background
-7 per week

Top by growth the rank per month

Firuza Babayeva
Firuza Babayeva  
89 position
rank 130   (-0.35 per day)
vectors num. 1503 (0 /4 weeks)
in the top 103 — 7%

rank: +130 per month
161702024, start year 2016
163 position
rank 101   (-0.09 per day)
vectors num. 436 (+28 /4 weeks)
in the top 184 — 42%

rank: +100 per month
161329243, start year 2016
19 position
rank 253   (+0.44 per day)
vectors num. 1538 (+304 /4 weeks)
in the top 222 — 14%

rank: +72.2 per month
575207977, 16939 pos.  
Microphone icon
+1290 per week
575208046, 19134 pos.  
Microphone icon
+1821 per week
519751576, 27075 pos.  
Orange color Set of vector icon graphic for Video
-492 per week
542574337, 42422 pos.  
Red color Set of vector icon graphic for Transportation
+3002 per week
578843596, 481 pos.  
Set of 3D vector milk splash and pouring
+272 per week
577320379, 993 pos.  
Vector illustration of a set of labels for milk and dairy
+957 per week

Top by marketability

Portfolios of more than 30 vectors.
861181, start year 2011
72 position
rank 143   (-0.82 per day)
vectors num. 174 (0 /4 weeks)
in the top 102 — 59%

marketability: 0.822
Yuri Schmidt
Yuri Schmidt  
161381554, start year 2016
314 position
rank 68.8   (+0.13 per day)
vectors num. 97 (+8 /4 weeks)
in the top 40 — 41%

marketability: 0.709
165709304, start year 2016
862 position
rank 30.9   (-0.04 per day)
vectors num. 49 (+3 /4 weeks)
in the top 18 — 37%

marketability: 0.631
506819089, 667 pos.  
Change of a direction. Business concept vector illustration
+4 per week
495638959, 718 pos.  
Acrobat. Businessman juggling business icons. Concept business vector illustration
-59 per week
497263999, 1085 pos.  
Car vector template on white background. Business sedan isolated. Separate groups and layers.
-85 per week
517181185, 1409 pos.  
Car vector template. Cargo minivan isolated on white background. All elements in groups on separate layers. The ability to easily change the color.
-101 per week
523013242, 2491 pos.  
Adhesive tape with shadow isolated realistic vector illustration
+8 per week
524035627, 3722 pos.  
Yellow sticky note with adhesive tape isolated on grey background verctor illustration
-320 per week

Top by volume of portfolio

615538, start year 2010
714 position
rank 36.6   (-0.02 per day)
vectors num. 468700 (+16800 /4 weeks)
in the top 36 — 0%

4019890, start year 2016
2775 position
rank 7.32   (-0.27 per day)
vectors num. 319200 (+14701 /4 weeks)
in the top 10 — 0%

802546, start year 2011
496 position
rank 48.5   (-0.2 per day)
vectors num. 304800 (+4800 /4 weeks)
in the top 46 — 0%

518724916, 2421 pos.  
Tuning Tools icon with bonus configuration symbols. Vector illustration style is flat iconic orange and gray design elements on white background.
-142 per week
516801139, 3297 pos.  
Handshake vector icon. Flat black symbol. Pictogram is isolated on a white background. Designed for web and software interfaces.
-114 per week
518614801, 14225 pos.  
Sold Out text rubber seal stamp watermark. Caption inside rounded rectangular banner with grunge design and dirty texture. Slanted vector red ink sticker on a white background.
-1176 per week
551610505, 18555 pos.  
Thumb Up vector icon. Image style is a flat icon symbol on a rounded square button, white and brown colors.
-1479 per week
525088870, 6253 pos.  
Pictograph of bulb concept
-591 per week
519471427, 9594 pos.  
Pictograph of book
-1199 per week

Top by the number added in the past month

842557, start year 2016
822 position
rank 32.2   (+0.05 per day)
vectors num. 85244
+32087 /4 weeks
in the top 26 — 0%

3796601, start year 2015
1563 position
rank 16.97   (-0.25 per day)
vectors num. 98348
+22315 /4 weeks
in the top 16 — 0%

HN Works
HN Works  
168648772, start year 2016
1094 position
rank 24.71   (+0.59 per day)
vectors num. 46981
+22068 /4 weeks
in the top 37 — 0%

537191356, 347 pos.  
Grunge Black And White Urban Vector Texture Template. Dark Messy Dust Overlay Distress Background. Easy To Create Abstract Dotted, Scratched, Vintage Effect With Noise And Grain
-9 per week
539029645, 814 pos.  
Grunge Black And White Urban Vector Texture Template. Dark Messy Dust Overlay Distress Background. Easy To Create Abstract Dotted, Scratched, Vintage Effect With Noise And Grain
+118 per week
555699256, 10873 pos.  
Plane with Banner "Coming Soon" on Sky for Web, Mobile
+295 per week
500265421, 11216 pos.  
Huge set flat icons for Web, Presentations, Interface design and Mobile Application. Ambulance, Business, Cafe, Education, Fast food, Law, Medicine, People, Repair, School, Service, Tools, Tourism.
-676 per week
560813908, 8571 pos.  
eagle icon illustration isolated vector sign symbol
+1111 per week
581548105, 15581 pos.  
flag on mountain icon.
+8382 per week